Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kedric Golston on his run-in with a shark

If there's one thing Redskins defensive end Kedric Golston is not willing to mess around with, it's a shark. Especially when he's convinced that one knocked him off his jet ski in the Potomac river.
He shared this story on the most recent "Capital Punishment" broadcast.

"We out there in the Potomac out there by Mount Vernon. So we out there, right? And I know how to ride Jet Skis, I been riding a good little while. So I'm sitting there, I'm just kinda coasting and I get thrown off my Jet Ski, right? I jump back on the thing, like, something just hit me, right? Something literally just hit me. They're like aw no, you being silly. You hit a log. I'm like, I did not hit a log. Something stopped this and threw me off. Well, about a month later they caught a 13-foot bull shark in the Potomac. Now, I'm not saying that was it, I'm just saying."

It's a typical fish story, turning an eight-foot shark into a 13-foot shark.
I'm not really one to make fun, though. When I was a kid, I used to swim to the dock at our lake as fast as possible just in case there was a shark. I also still run up my basement stairs as fast as I can. I don't know why.

Kedric got a little freaked out, which at least validates my fear of sharks in lakes.

"You didn't see how fast I jumped back on that thing," he said. "I ain't even get wet. And after that, everybody got back in the boat, though. They didn't believe it, but everybody got back in the boat."

By Sarah Kogod
Washington Post


  1. this the same kid when asked before his senior year in hs where he wanted to go to college... his response was Florida State because of the ocean breeze... lol.

  2. Glad to see money hasn't impacted Kedrick's grasp of Ebonics.

    I guess Jeremy Wade will be cruising the Potomac soon for a future episode of "River Monsters".

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