Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vikings' Blair Walsh can warm to idea of 'decent' Green Bay weather

By:Bob Sansevere

Three Things ...

Vikings rookie kicker Blair Walsh, who went to college in Georgia, isn't accustomed to kicking in cold weather.

He already has checked on the weather for the game Sunday, Dec. 2, in Green Bay against the Packers, saying, "I heard it will be at least decent." Actually, the projected temperature in Green Bay for the game is a high of 55 degrees and a low of 35, according to

Here is Walsh ...

On the coldest weather he has kicked in: "The last game (in Chicago) probably was the coldest I've ever kicked in. (It was 41 degrees at kickoff, with the wind-chill factor a mere 3 degrees.) The coldest game I kicked in before that probably was 15 degrees warmer than in Chicago."

On adjustments for cold temperatures: "Nothing. Just try to keep warm. You have to warm up a little bit more on the sidelines. I don't do anything crazy."

On the impact on his range in cold-weather games: "The ball doesn't travel as far when it's cold and the air is thicker. It doesn't really change that much."

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